First impression

By Ayako, Japan


Students from all over the world (60+ countries to be more precise) study English in the Philippines at Paradise English. Many of our students learn not only English but learn new things about themselves. Ayako from Japan shares what she discovered while studying on beautiful Boracay Island:

First impression doesn’t last

Do you know how long it takes to determine a first impression?
I saw some articles before. The articles said, “…it takes only 10 seconds…” So I think we determine it after we say, “Nice to meet you.” The articles also said after the first impression was determined, it is difficult to change our mind about it. It sounds scary, so we need to meet and know new people for the first time because first impression is important.

By the way, I was curious about the first impression of me. So I asked some of the students and teachers. Most of the students said I was kind, friendly, helpful, caring, and patient when we met for the first time. I was like a good person. But I asked the teachers, too. They said I was like a little girl, so Japanese, and quiet. I was like a kid or a baby.

I thought about the first impression of me based on this research. I might be a little girl when I met the teachers because I didn’t have any confidence. Actually, my real personality is shy and negative. They are also my weak points. So I was busy to only control myself. But now, I managed to have some confidence already and I’m also trying to improve myself more. Because of Boracay, I have had a lot of first meetings of new people. Then the result of the effort is the students’ answers. So we can control the first impression of us. No need to be afraid of it. Let’s try to do good “Nice to meet you.”


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