Top Restaurants on Boracay

A student studying English  in the Philippines was asked what were his favorite restaurants on Boracay Island.



Photo Credits: Mulee Yao

A classic Italian restaurant that is even recommended by Westerners. The pasta is cooked to perfection and called ‘Al dente’ which describes how the pasta is cooked and in this case it is firm to the bite. The noodles are cooked in a rich sauce that binds itself to the noodles so you will not be left with anything to scoop up at the end.

The pizza is also excellent and top of the list is the ‘ Aria ‘ pizza which is covered in a lot of tasty Spanish ham and named after the restaurant itself.


Photo Credits: Mulee Yao

Kuya J


Photo Credits: Mulee Yao

This restaurant offers classic Filipino cuisine such as Sisig, Kare-Kare,crispy pata, Caldereta , Pochero and Lechon kawali. The aim is to serve delicious dishes at affordable prices. For about 200 pesos each you can get together with your friends and enjoy a real high quality cuisine.

Los Indios Bravos

Photo Credits: Mulee Yao

Often featuring first place in Trip Advisor’s ‘ Restaurants in Boracay’, whilst not cheap it is popular with tourists because of its delicious food, good service and bright dining space. Every savoury dish here is worth a try.

Kolai Mangyan


Photo Credits: Mulee Yao

If you are looking for great Filipino food at a good price,this is the perfect restaurant for you. Every meal here is accompanied by a free bowl of chicken soup and a carafe of water. For 100 pesos you will feel satisfied, you can eat here everyday. Recommended meals include fried chicken and Filipino beef with rice.

Lemon café


This is a wonderful place to enjoy a brunch, dessert and coffee. The bread here is firm in texture. The flavour and tenderness of the omelette is pretty good.

In addition to the brunch, the main meal is outstanding, I also recommend the Filipino beef with garlic rice which is different from Kolai Mangyan

Written By: Mulee Yao/William  (Taiwan)



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