I have been in Boracay for seven weeks. It’s a long story about these weeks. Before I came to Boracay, I was alone in Manila. I was waiting for seven hours in the airport until tomorrow morning. But I cant sleep in there, first thing was everyone told me that Manila is a dangerous place and second thing was I had a trouble before I came to Manila. I’m so silly. I saw wrong time in my airplane ticket, so I quickly arrived to airport and I didn’t know what happened in the moment. Ha, after in the Manila was a long time to take a van to Caticlan pier. It was that time I saw my Philippine family who took care of me in the van and in the Caticlan Pier. We told a lot of things about his daughter who studied college in Taiwan and his daughter can speak a little of Chinese so we told very at that time. It was wonderful memory of me because I can’t speak very well in English. Oh, I forgot to say one part about Manila to Kalibo. I had a trouble in these times. The Cebu Airline Company changed my ticket time and didn’t tell me before I checked in. so I just used ten minutes to get on the airplane and checked in. I was so nervous and afraid, luckily it was a success getting into the airplane in the end. I think I’m a trouble girl who always have trouble.


Unfortunately, I had my third time trouble in Caticlan Pier. This time was very big problem about I lost all my luggage. Ha, I just gave my luggage to the van driver because he told me that I can I give it to him, he can get the things to the ship first. But when I went through the metal detector, I can’t find the Philippines family, van driver and my luggage.  I was walking alone and got into the ship. In that time, I found  something strange. I called to the ship driver and went to ask the police. Finally, I found the all of my things and the Filipino family who protected my things and waited for me. From November 21, 2016 to January 21, 2017, I started my study abroad. I started to accept all inconvenient things in here even though school is very far from downtown and wifi signal is terrible. But this is a lovely school better than others. Even though I was so nervous and too shy, I still enjoyed the class and made a lot of friends even though most teachers of school are Filipinos but their pronunciation are correct and they are very hard in teaching. Even though the school is on the hill, we can do the hiking everyday to let our body feel stronger. Too many even though…. but, I can say it. The most important that I really love this school teacher environment in here.


Two months studying English in here, I did not only improve my English but I also learned how to live alone and did all the things by myself because. I never lived without my family so it was very hard challenge for me for a long time but I was very happy that I did it.

In the end, I want to say, “Life is short. If you have the chance to do something, don’t be afraid. Be brave to do it. Maybe you can choose the same with my journey. Cheers, we are all in the dream road.”

Lady from Taiwan (25)


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