Paradise English goes to Malumpati!

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Malumpati Cold Spring resort is an increasingly popular summer destination in the province of Antique.  Known for its cold and relaxing spring water, this place has attracted both local and foreign visitors.

Paradise English’s students visited Malumpati as part of their Saturday Fun Activity. Nineteen students from different countries across the globe shared one day of memorable time in this place. The students took a jeepney (local public transportation) for about an hour where they were able to ride on the roof top. Not only that they experienced the thrilling ride, they were also able to see the beauty of the Philippine countryside.

Though packed with local and foreign visitors, everyone had great fun! The cold, clear, fresh water was indeed relaxing. Students were able to enjoy themselves and at the same time communicate with each other in English. Local people in the place were generous enough to share their picnic food with the students. Truly a Filipino way of showing hospitality!

The students went home exhausted but filled with great memories of that good place and the good friends with them.

Photo Credits: PE Students =)


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